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Victorinox IV


Arthur's Seat, edinburgh. 59 minutes, door to base.

It’s been a long few weeks since I’ve been back home. Travelling across the U.S for a month was draining, my energies were truly spent and a long weekend in Paris was just enough to tip my dial from rouge to vert and that’s exactly where I decided to take myself when I returned home, the endless green of Arthur’s Seat in beautiful Edinburgh.

A small hill only 60 minutes from my home in Glasgow, Arthur’s Seat possesses one of Scotland’s most iconic viewing platforms, overlooking the capital and all of its reaches. I had only a few hours to spare, as my evening would be spent packing my bags for my next trip, so with my travel kit bag packed, I headed off into the rains of Edinburgh.

The ascent up the path of Arthur’s seat is very pleasant, a small incline brings you to a comfortable height where cars can be found parked daily, to feed the geese that loiter around the area. Today was no such day. I was alone. As I approached the small summit, the heavens truly opened and I found myself caught in the middle of a storm. Thunder and lightning crashing around the skies and the torrential downpour only kept at bay by my trusty new raincoat. Spectacularly orange, too, I might add.

I wandered around the small pond area to greet the geese, lonely in the cold and wet, this wasn’t one of their most prized days, they seemed happy enough to entertain my approaches, though. There’s something really humbling about connecting in such small ways with wild animals, something I’ve really awoken to over the past few weeks and months. Nature is a spectacular thing, the capability of the animal kingdom to adapt, to survive and to inhabit lands that we humans simply could not, is fascinating to me. These birds strolled around the grass as if nothing could bother them, despite the torrents of rain and unbelievably strong gusts of wind coming in all directions. These animals were designed to withstand these conditions, evolution had been kind to them, my logic told me that my need for shelter should be increasing by the minute. I found myself climbing the grass verge to reach the upper sections of the mound, surprisingly comfortable and dry despite the conditions and the harsh cold. This raincoat seemed bulletproof. Not an ounce of water penetrated the seal I had provided myself on the day, with my hiking boots and coat, I felt almost invincible. The mac style lapels on jackets like these don’t usually lend themselves to a hood, this jacked appeared to be an exception. Stylishly flowing through the upper and mid body, the jacket holds its shape really well and the hood just provides an extra level of protection from the elements that I so often overlook, especially as a Scotsman.

With that being said, I’m going to be leaving Scotland, for Paris. Nicole and I have been thinking of leaving the UK for quite some time now, a change of scenery and a change of pace are definitely what we feel will bring the best out in ourselves both professionally and socially. I’ve found myself longing for these days of Urban Outdoors in Scotland, these days of reclusion, these days of solitude, these days alone. I no longer want to feel alone in the country I hold so dearly to me, I feel as if my heart is being pulled elsewhere, my motivations waning. The city here has led me to realise that I feel much more at peace in the outdoors and maybe I need to fall in love with city life anew. Paris just feels right.

I left my final destination of Urban Outdoors up to you guys, which I’ll be asking you to continue over the coming days. Where will I go? What will I find? We can only wait and see.

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