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Victorinox III

With a summer packed full of adventure, it was nice to spend some time in one of Scotland’s most famous locations, St Andrews.

I've got trips all over the earth lined up, over the next few months, I felt that it made sense to complete my spring phase of Victorinox campaigns in such an iconic destination for tourists, students and artists alike. Believe it or not, this was my first time in St Andrews. For some reason, I’d felt that I was best to wait until I felt compelled to head out there. It’s only an hour away on the train from my front door and I felt that the time was finally right, I packed my bag and headed out. Living in Glasgow is great, as the city offers me a level of downtime that I can’t really find in other major cities that I visit and finding things to do within a close radius of the city is actually quite easy, as it sits on the central belt.

St Andrews is one of the world’s greatest golfing towns, home to the incredible coastline of the East, St Andrews Castle, St Andrews University and arguably the best weather in all of Scotland, it’s a mystery to me as to why I don’t live there already. The sea air and the sense of tranquility that I found in the town was perfect for the vibe I was hoping to capture. When we shot the imagery, I felt that this was the perfect way for me to be starting my summer. The sun was absolutely beautiful and the main streets were bustling with locals and tourists, I felt like I had found myself in the middle of a great Scottish vacation.

When you work in the digital environment, it becomes an exciting prospect to take your workstation to someplace remote, where the surroundings of concrete and four walls are all but lost. For me, an outdoor adventure can be something as simple as taking my work to the coast and spending some hours finding inspiration from mother nature, the sea air and a change in culture. Have a look on the map, scan the area surrounding your town/city/village. Find some areas you've never explored, spend some time there, document it. How did you feel? How did the atmosphere speak to you? How did it affect you in the longer term? Finding new and fresher perspectives has been the fundamental vibe of this entire collaboration with Victorinox thus far and it's made me feel infinitely better about where I live, the things I am able to do, the positions and opportunities that I'm finding myself dealing with. I'm grateful. Perspective is everything.


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