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New Year, New Me(nswear brand!)

2017 is off to a flyer. I've been travelling a ton already, mostly around Scotland. It's been awesome, I can't lie. I'd never visited Skye, or the Western beaches of Morar until only a couple of weeks ago, so it's been amazing to explore my own country and see some new things.

Upon returning home, I decided to get my head down and start working on some new things. My plan this year was to work on less projects and focus more on larger scale releases and longer term ideas. Case in point: Stradivarius Man. Here's their website ------>

As someone that is super familiar with the Inditex group and their companies, I was quite excited when I discovered that these guys were dipping their toes in menswear. They reached out a few weeks ago to work together on some content and asked if I'd like to head down to their store opening in London, I was pretty hyped! I received a sneak preview of the lookbook and products a couple of days ago and I was absolutely blown away, the collection is absolutely huge and the amount of denim involved definitely satisfied my taste. I feel that they've taken some key trends and merged them with their own styles and influences from womenswear, to create a really cool collection of pieces that cover all the bases for men. Nowadays we see menswear brands stick with the classics and apply their own stylistic influences and choices, I think Stradivarius have mixed that with their own unique style. I picked out a couple of looks to shoot and they arrived the next day. I decided to shoot all the images in and around my home in Glasgow, on a fairly sunny afternoon! Kept it simple, double denim and a black bomber look, nothing fancy from me over here, you know how I roll. All the pieces are awesome, especially the black boots I grabbed. They're amazing, I'm actually wearing them as I'm writing this, they're super comfortable, sturdy and super light.

The store launch was awesome. It's a shame I couldn't stick around all day but I managed to get in super early and take some photos of the collection and storefront, it's slick! There were some other pieces I hadn't seen before, which were amazing. Some of the suede outerwear was unreal.

I'm headed back off on the road again in a few more days. I'm sure you'll see my Stradivarius bits on the 'gram while I'm on my travels! I'll stick a link below to the pieces!

Blue slim jeans

Black skinny jeans

Denim jacket

Grey tee