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Massachusetts - #Madeinamerica

I recently flew over to Boston to meet Joseph Abboud, the man behind North America’s biggest bespoke tailoring manufacturer. With hundreds of thousands of suits selling annually, Joseph’s rugged and Italo-masculine aesthetic has set the standard for the modern tailoring experience for men. With a huge range of fabrics and colours available to me, I was fortunate enough to be able to design my own custom Joseph Abboud suit.

With Kyle, Denny, Steven, Moti, Bobby, Sam, Menelik and Grant coming to meet me at the hotel in the morning with all of the team, it felt that I was about to become a member of a super cool group of guys. I was definitely right on this one. We drove a few hours to New Bedford, MA, where the factory and production house could be found. A spectacular building that has stood the test of time and many, many changing seasons of mens tailoring.

The brief was simple: have fun & take photos. I think we all succeeded in our own right. I shot some really cool images with Moti outside the factory after we received our new suits. Moti’s ivory ensemble actually gave me some serious envy, but then again, I should expect nothing less from @themetroman. It was really cool getting to meet everyone, as I’ve been familiar with all of their works for quite some time now. Bobby and Kyle’s fitness posts have always given me insecurities about my lack of abdominals, after meeting them, I’m more concerned about my lack of lateral and trapezoid muscles. Tanks. Denny and Steven had such a playful attitude toward everything, I’d loved both of their works for quite some time now, Steven’s editorially driven imagery has provided inspiration to me on many levels over the years, he’s definitely one of the leading aestheticians in the game of menswear, for sure. Denny’s style speaks to me in ways that most menswear bloggers don’t seem to. His effortless attempts at relaxed sartorialism almost come across as easy, his swagger carrying off pretty much anything he wears. Even bootcut jeans. Yeah, I said it. Sam’s style is so diverse that it was interesting to see him rock his custom suit, as I’d only really seen his more casual style and felt that he carried it well. It was nice to see everyone in such smart attire, it was different, for most of us. Anyway, let’s talk about those suits, eh?

Sticking to my roots, I went with some brown tweed, suede and cord to tie the tones together with slight highlights and dark tones throughout the body. The tailoring process was immaculate, every measurement completed to the millimetre, my trousers were perfect, my waistcoat was perfect, the linings were perfect, the double breasted blazer sat perfectly on the shoulder and as a suit, we were all in agreement that they’d done a superb job in pulling together such an unorthodox combination of fabrics. Joseph seemed particularly pleased with my suit, as I think it reminded him of some fond times he’d had in Scotland in years gone by. His montage of throwback imagery in the warehouse proved his love for Scotland and its wonderful countryside.

We spent the entire day learning the process of making a suit that not only fits, but adapts to the body in such microscopic ways, you’d think it was almost needless. Well, you’d be wrong. Learning about the importance of a curved lapel fold, rather than a flat iron, the cut of a straight sleeve rather than a forced one, the difference between a suit and a bespoke suit. This was tailoring.

It seemed as if we had only been in town for a few hours before we had to head back to our hotel for the night, before leaving in the morning. My flight took me to New York, where I’d be working on some exciting new things coming later this year. I slept well, I’d had an amazing time. I was grateful. My suit was perfect. It still is perfect.