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We didn’t have the luxury of much time in Nashville, which was a real shame as Nicole and I fell in love with the city in our short time there. We had to make ground toward Atlanta, we left Nashville late in the evening and drove to a Ramada Hotel near the airport. We headed to Fat Matt’s Rib Shack for dinner quite late, as the reviews on Trip Advisor made it out to be the greatest blues rib shack in the city. They weren’t wrong. Mac & cheese, BBQ beans, sweet potato pie and a couple of rib sandwiches did the trick. The prices were reasonable and the music was superb. A raspy-voiced woman sitting in the corner with nothing but an electric guitar and a lifetime full of stories, pouring her heart out into the room. It was special.

We headed back to the hotel as soon as we were done, as we were really hoping to spend most of the day in Atlanta, a fairly unknown quantity for us, in truth.

We rose early, packed our bags, loaded the car and headed to Little Five Points, a hip area of the city where artists and thrifters had come together to create a community of boutiques, galleries and cafes. We loved it. Nicole grabbed herself some cute t-shirts from a thrift store on the corner where the main streets meet, the thrift scene was really impressive here. Carefully curated and expansive in terms of sizing and colour ways across each individual style on offer. I saw quite a few skateboarders rolling around the area, their griptape-tattered shoes reminding me of my younger years, back when my knee wasn’t made out of chocolate.

On the way into Little Five Points, we’d spotted a cute little urban market called Krog Street, so we decided to head there for lunch and check it out. What a good, good move that was. Upon pulling into the car park, the typography and industrial design of the area really jumped out at me and caught my attention. I felt like this would be a smaller version of the Downtown LA Arts District that I love and consider a second home, I wasn’t wide of the mark here. Inside the market I was met by a lovely girl selling & making chocolate. She offered to give me a sample which I initially declined, until she told me it was sea salt flavour and that sealed the deal for me. Xiocolatl was the name of her brand and they were a local Atlanta company that took great pride in their skills of preparation, presentation and delivery. The packaging was beautiful and the chocolate was sublime. I bought a large pack. In hindsight, I wish I had bought more.

The market had some cute little pop-up eateries that were scattered around in the warehouse, one of which caught my eye with their humungous salads, I had to get one. I’m glad I did, it’s probably the best salad I’ve ever had. Considering last summer I spent 11 days in Santorini, the home of the masterful Greek, this was high praise for a pop up salad bar inside an industrial space in the middle of little Atlanta, Georgia. The food here got a 10/10.

Nicole’s outfit was lovely. She’d bought some yellow-tint aviators from a thrift store in LFP and threw them on. Teamed with a nice silky black dress atop a plain white tee, I felt it would be a shame to not shoot some imagery for her blog Always Noir, especially since the exterior of the building was so rugged and worn. We shot for half an hour or so, coming away with some of my favourite images of the entire trip. They’re up in the gallery above. Lemme know what you think?

Before leaving Atlanta for New Orleans, we decided to stop off at Best Buy (of course) to grab some new hard drives for our MacBooks. The idea of shooting a 2TB hard drive full of road trip images excited me, so we hurried over and grabbed a couple of 2TB Seagate drives for something like £50. Bargain.

The journey to New Orleans was a relatively relaxed one, only a few hours in length, we aimed to arrive at around 10pm. We did.

Ramada Hotel Airport, $75

Krog Street Market, lunch - $20

Little Five Points, coffee & thrifting - $40

2 hard drives @ BestBuy - $70