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cowboy town - NASHVILLE

Everything was going so well, until we got a speeding ticket. Hahaha! It was an honest mistake, in truth. We’d been on the road for no more than 10 minutes and had completely missed a speed limit sign, notifying us to reduce our speed to 70. Unfortunately for us, driving at 83 in a 70 is usually frowned upon and Officer Bresette of the West Virginia state police thought so too. In all honesty, everyone was doing something close to 90, as we were in the right-hand lane and were literally being overtaken as the Police car switched its lights on. Selective justice some might say, bad luck, I’d say.

The officer was really understanding, as we explained that it was our first day on the road in our rental car and that we were adjusting to the U.S roads. He reduced our fine and wished us well on our way, which was kind of him. A small bump in the road. Nicole and I laughed about it, it became a bit of a running joke throughout the whole trip. It wasn’t long before we reached the small town of Salem. I immediately thought that this would have been the home of the infamous Salem Witch Trials but upon researching, discovered we were 1000 miles away from that Salem. It turns out that America seems to recycle the name of every street and town in every state, I think I saw 3498 places called Salem and something like 3930550338394 places called Springfield. Anyway, we stopped in Salem for a quick coffee. We wanted to make sure that we were on the right track and that we’d be reaching Nashville at around 7pm as planned. Sure enough, we were ahead of schedule. (Probably all those speed limit violations, eh?)

I’d been excited about Nashville for quite a while, as I’d heard really great things about the music and food scene there. It wasn’t too long before I realised I was living a lifelong dream of doing this road trip. It had started to sink in.

We arrived in Downtown Nashville at around 7pm. The streets seemed empty, I couldn’t really understand it at first. We walked around for a short while before realising that everyone we did see, were all heading in the same direction, surely this must be for a reason? We followed them all to their destination. It all made sense. It all made perfect sense. Out of nowhere, we found ourselves among the most incredible street atmosphere I have ever experienced in my life. Bars were overflowing with people, music was blaring out of every doorway, window and car in the street and we realised THIS was the Nashville that we’d heard so, so much about. We couldn’t believe the vibe that we were being exposed to, the music was loud, the pace of the street was rapid and the warmth of the locals took us by great surprise. We decided to jump into an amazing bar, where there were two floors absolutely packed to the hilt with beer-drinking party-goers. On the top floor, there were a few spare tables and we found ourselves quickly jumping into some typical Southern cuisine. Mac & cheese will one day be the death of me, of that I am certain.


In truth, I felt really relaxed in Nashville. I’m not too much of a social bug, I tend to feel a bit overwhelmed in large social situations and gatherings but the atmosphere in Nashville was so energetic that I just felt compelled to join in. It seemed that every single bar had an open mic, a live performer or some sort of party going on. Cowboy boots and hats as far as the eye could see, electric guitar flowing through every side street and flashing lights illuminating the skyline. Nashville was immense. I’ll be back. Soon, I hope.

State Fine - $145
Coffee @ Starbucks - $10
M-Star Hotel - $52
Dinner at Rippy’s Smokin’ Bar & Grill - $40