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We drove the few remaining miles to the desert, bursting with anticipation and excitement for the coming hours of adventure to follow. We arrived at our first checkpoint, where our transport awaited us, transport in the form of camels, of course. We loaded our bags onto their backs and rode into the seemingly-infinite desert, the sun beating down upon us in the most glorious fashion. The landscape of the Sahara desert was incredible to say the least, gigantic dunes created by natural breezes that swept through the desert, surrounded us. The continued feeling of nature’s massive presence in this country had set the tone for the trip overall. The grand untouched beauty of Morocco was inspiring, reminding us that we’re all completely insignificant when presented with the colossal power of mother nature. These conditions are for the well-prepared and knowledgeable, not the faint-hearted. We travelled across the dunes until the sun dropped below the peaks, it was time to head for camp. A small collection of tents and huts awaited us, with food, water and shelter from the conditions all in healthy measure. We were met by Hassan, the owner of our tour company, an incredibly kind man that I had already had the pleasure of speaking with via email for many months, to arrange the finer details of our adventure. It was nice to finally meet him and shake his hand, I felt indebted to him already. The night grew on, as the stars emerged in the clearest night sky I had ever witnessed, the light of the moon illuminating the sand and the dunes through the distance. We ate together in a small tent, with a selection of local foods and produce. The meats and bread were no less delicious than anything we’d eaten on this trip, the attention to quality of food among Moroccans seemed to be high at all times. We’d travelled through the sun for many, many hours, it was time for some rest. Throughout the night, members of our camp sang songs and danced together around a fire, providing an atmospheric lullaby that surprisingly allowed me to sleep as peacefully as I think I ever have.

I rose early, as a sunrise opportunity to take some photographs in the desert was simply too good to miss. We decided to scale one of the largest dunes in the desert, providing a spectacular view to the area and a perfect spot to shoot some of our campaign imagery. It was at this point that we realised our journey had reached it’s point of return. A long day awaited us on the road, so we ensured that no grain of sand was left untouched, taking full advantage of our landscape for imagery. We mounted our bags onto our camels and headed back toward our 4x4, we were excited to continue on, deeper into Morocco.