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With the clock ticking against us, we decided to change the direction of our tour in order to spend one more night in the outskirts of Marrakech, rather than heading straight back toward the city. Our friends in Ouarzazate offered to provide us with a resting place and we decided that it would be best to follow the road back to Ouarzazate for the night, leaving for Marrakech the following morning. Our initial route to the desert had been through the Dades Valleys to Merzouga, so we decided that following the roads to the East would be a good way to return to the city, following a new pathway to different landscapes for our imagery. We found long, winding roads with no signs of life for hundreds of miles. Abandoned homes, cabins and farmland provided peaceful settings for small breaks and photo opportunities. Upon completion of the final stages of filming, we carried on toward Ouarzazate, meeting the most incredible sundown that any of us had ever experienced. Standing atop a wall overlooking a vast canyon of peaks and troughs, we took our final image of the trip, before celebrating briefly at the roadside, as the sun fell out of the sky. Our final night in Ouarzazate was the perfect way to wind down the trip. We spoke about our image selection process, shot listing for the footage, our highlights of the trip and we expressed our heartfelt warmth toward the experience as a whole. It was massively rewarding for me on a personal level, to see everyone look at the trip with such positive energy and a great impression of the country overall. I was proud of the things that we’d captured, the essence of Morocco seemed to be impossible to avoid, the anticipation of the next stages had built over the past few days and it had all come together so perfectly. The morning crept up on us, we felt a little sad to be coming to the end of such an inspirational trip, we had learnt a great deal about a country that we collectively knew very little of, before this.