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Miami Design District


It’s been a while since I visited Miami, it was nice to be back and find myself in some new surroundings.

This was the first trip I got to go on with my little brother, so there was a different vibe to this one, which I really enjoyed. I’ve been travelling either solo or with Nicole for so long now, it felt quite nice to change things up a bit and see things with a different perspective.

The MDD, developed by Craig Robins, has been created in such a short period of time, only a few years with such progress was pretty inspiring. It was really nice to spend time with someone so creative, so ambitious and so grand-reaching in their thoughts.

John and I arrived early on the Friday afternoon, ahead of the weekend of activities, we were excited to see what was in store for us. We arrived at the amazing 1 Hotel on the South Beach, it had such a relaxed vibe and the rooftop pool bar was amazing, especially as the weather was perfect by the time we’d reached it. Some of the retailers in the area were kind enough to organise a goodie bag for me, with some amazing pieces from Dior, Louis Vuitton, Louboutin and a few more, how amazing! We walked around the surrounding area and took some photos, before heading back to the hotel to catch a good night’s sleep. We’d been on a plane for 11+ hours and the time difference could cause us some trouble if we didn’t get ahead of it. I’m really glad we did.

We rose early on Saturday and met everyone in the reception of the hotel, there was a team of around 20 people there, bloggers and creatives from all over the US and beyond. We started off by touring the Design District and checking out a few of the stores there. Each store has the feel of a standalone flagship, with conceptual design and campaign branding throughout, you really feel like you’re stepping into the world of the brand. It’s really cool to experience.

After we’d done that, we went around some of the museums in the area, checking out some incredible artworks with Picasso’s granddaughter, WHAT THE HELL IS EVEN HAPPENING!? I couldn’t believe we were just walking around a gallery, being shown around by the granddaughter of Pablo Picasso himself. After spending the day with everyone, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the party at Craig Robins’ house on Sunset Island.

The party was a little surreal to say the least, Craig’s house is an architectural masterpiece and the events team he hired to throw the party together did a superb job. The cocktail bar was the highlight for me though, the guys behind the bar were a bunch of wizards, honestly.

Before we knew it, it was Sunday morning and we had a chilled ride around the area in little trucks, guided by the most amazing tour guides, before heading our own ways for lunch. Due to my dietary requirements, I was allocated the Mandolin restaurant and to be honest, I am so, so glad I was. The food, the story of the restaurant, the staff, everything there was perfect. We laughed together and ate the best Greek food I’ve ever had, it was a little slice of Mykonos right in the middle of Miami.

Sadly, that was all we had time for, the weekend was drawing to a close. I grabbed my things from the hotel with John and we were no sooner saying goodbye to everyone, than we were at home in Scotland, wishing we’d stayed a few more days.

Until next time, Miami, I miss you already.