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I’ve been in NYC for just over a week now and the change in scenery has come along with a change in mindset. Seeing so many sharply dressed city-slickers has brought out a little more sartorialism in me than normal and I’ve kinda enjoyed it. I’m staying in Brooklyn, which is such a vibrant and diverse area of New York, it really helps me see a well-rounded view of the city, especially since I’m spending so much time in and out of Manhattan, I feel that I’m getting the best of both worlds.

I’ve never been the type to throw sporty pieces into outfits with blazers or tailored trousers, there’s something daunting about the whole relaxed tailoring scene that I feel entirely out of touch with. For some reason, I felt inspired while out here, so I just went for it. Sneakers have never been a commonplace part of my wardrobe, but in NYC I’ve really been feeling the benefits, especially since I’m here with Nicole. This is her first time in the city and I feel compelled to show her every inch of this magical place, we’re walking roughly 25,000 steps per day (thanks, Health App on my phone) and that eventually takes toll on your feet! I became familiar with suits and sneakers while living in London, although I’ve never seen it quite as frequently as I’ve seen it in Manhattan. So, so many young guys are sporting beautiful suits and sneakers, purely for practical and comfort-led reasons. I’m totally on board with their thinking, after trying it out for myself.

For me, I feel that keeping it simple is always the way to go, nothing too flamboyant or bright, keeping things as understated as possible. I went for a tonal sneak with some relaxed smart pants, giving my look a slight 'Scandinavia 2016' feel. With breathable blazers readily available in the GANT store in Williamsburg, I found it super easy to throw this look together, keeping myself comfortable, cool and clean. Cheers guys, for another superb retail and tailoring experience. My feet also feel like they’re being floated around the city on clouds. It’s quite nice, I must admit.