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Well, where do I begin?! I’m home!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been travelling all over, shooting new images, film, composing new content and generally enjoying myself. It’s been an amazing start to 2016 already and I’m really excited for the next few weeks and months. I got home only a few days ago, so I’ve been thinking a lot about the things that I want to do this year. Since the turn of the year, I’ve been extremely busy, while maintaining a pretty quiet social media shell. For me, 2015 was a great year in the sense that I really found my groove and discovered my working style, along with my goals for the longer term. 2016 started with some nice work but more importantly, an objective to produce the best level of work that I possibly can in pursuit of some new challenges. I'm working on a much more atmospheric style of imagery, incorporating some short film and attempting to move fully into a cinematic workflow. Cinematography has been my objective for quite some time now but I really feel that this year is setting me up quite nicely, to start tackling some DP/cinematography work.

I’ve been to loads of different countries and landscapes already this year, all for different working endeavours, capturing photos and video, it’s now time to start sharing the things I’ve been working on. This article is the curtain raiser for a lot of things but most importantly, I have to point out the styling for these images, all provided by GANT 1949. We’ve been working on some imagery for a couple of months now and we will be continuing our ventures on throughout the year. My first set of images were a really relaxed set of snaps during LC:M, which captured a more candid side of the day-to-day goings on behind the screen online. This set of images really speaks the visual style that I’ve found for myself and will be continuing to use throughout the year. As a follow-up to my work with Huawei, this is the first creative project that I’ve shared since then, I’m really pleased with the imagery and the simplicity of the surroundings.

Introductions of colour into my wardrobe have been helped by the return of suede outerwear, this blue piece is one of my favourites. Teamed with a dark pocket tee and some indigo jeans, I kept it tonal and simple, definitely my style for this year, that’s for sure.

Excited to share my other recent works, over the coming days and weeks. I’ve got a whole lot more to show, I just have a whole lot of stuff to catch up on. Until then, drop me a line in the contact box below if you have any questions about my work or anything else in general. I’m looking to get way more engaged with my audience this year and would love to know everyone’s thoughts on my work, image style and layout for the new site!

Tee - GANT Solid Tee: Black

Jacket - GANT Suede Windcheater

Denim - GANT DIAMOND G Indigo

Much love,

Milly. x