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B A R B O U R   I N T E R N A T I O N A L


If you didn't catch my social media posts a few days back, you would have missed my Barbour International Snapchat takeover, where I previewed their AW17 collection during LFWM. With a live-art installation by Robert Montgomery to accompany their limited edition customised Original Wax Jacket, which has been in the collection since Barbour International was founded in 1936. The immediate vibe in the room was that Barbour Int were pulling out all the stops for this presentation and I was really excited to see what they'd been working on. They've been a brand specialising in motorcycle clothing for more than 80 years now, so the storytelling aspect of the show really took to the forefront.

The show was divided into three different sections, each defining the brand's identity from past, to present and onward into the future. I was tasked with looking after the area that focused on the past. I'm really glad that I was. They had built a walkway entry to the presentation through a tunnel, filled with historical clippings, vintage Barbour International pieces and classic motorcycle memorabilia from the Barbour archives. It was really cool to see how the brand has grown over the years and how they have retained their style, their brand message and even the shapes of the jackets they've been making.

The presentation was among the busiest of the first day of LFWM, it seemed like everyone had decided to start out their weekend by checking out the Barbour Int show and I think everyone was surprised by the huge production value that they had used to create their first: International spectacle.

After the show, I headed back up to Scotland to spend more time with Nicole before heading off to the Highlands with my dear friend Anthony Bogdan (A New Kind of Love) and my little brother. Their websites are linked on their names if you're interested in seeing their works. They're both supremely talented in their own fields and it was awesome to head back up to Scotland and prepare for the elements with a bunch of new Barbour International jackets!

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