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It's the end of the year, it's time to hit the reset button and start 2017 with a fresh plan and a new outlook.

For the last few years I've focused on travelling and expanding my ideas, finding the things I'm truly interested in pursuing and I feel that I'm ready to start moving toward them in 2017. I want to finally start creating art, my own pieces of individual creativity and finishing the personal projects I've been working on.

Earlier in the year I went to Paris to meet with Zadig & Voltaire, to attend one of their new (amazing) fragrance events and create some imagery. The fragrance itself is amazing, so it's pretty easy to get behind the idea of shooting some images and talking about it. Normally I find it hard to get used to a new fragrance, but their This is Her! and This is Him! fragrances are both equally awesome, it's nice working on projects with products that you really love. They asked me to create some other images while I was on the road & at home, focusing on art or creativity. I snapped some photos in Miami with my brother, along with some photos at home with some artwork that Nicole and I created. Nicole is an awesome painter, I'm a bit more of a sketcher than someone capable of beautiful canvasses. It was quite nice to sit down at home and watch her work on a couple of pieces of art. I feel that creativity is so often kept hidden away and we can all find ourselves struggling to make original pieces of work and express our minds. It was nice to put myself in a position where I could start working on new pieces of work and in different styles. I really wanna work on a few different creative outlets in the new year, I wanna flex my creative muscles, so to speak! (*disclaimer, they're the only muscles I have)

This year has been great, I think I've now found the groove that I'm happiest with & I'll be focusing on that throughout 2017. We're all evolving constantly, our tastes and drives are changing on a daily basis and I'm definitely no different. I've accomplished almost everything I could have possibly hoped for in the last few years, I think it's gonna be really cool to mix things up once again and start creating new, original works.

Check out the fragrance on their site! - HERE